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Review: Bennington 2575 QCWA

The 2575 part of the model designation needs no explanation. But the QCWA left me stumped. Turns out the Q denotes the top of Bennington’s four model lines. The CW stands for center walkthrough at the transom, and the A means it has an arch for wakeboarding and mounting mammoth stereo speakers. To give you an idea of just how luxurious this pontoon boat is, think of a totally loaded Cadillac Escalade.

The triple tubes, in what the company calls its Elliptical Sport Package, have varying widths. The center one spans 32 inches wide, while the outer ones run 25 inches. The bottoms of all three tubes are flat and extend into the water the same distance rather than the center being deeper, as is the case on many tri-toon boats.

When it comes to performance, the 2575 runs like a scalded dog, topping out at 53 mph with a Yamaha F350 outboard turning a 16 ¼-inch by 15-inch Saltwater Series prop. While that kind of speed is nice in small, thrilling doses, what impresses even more is the 3.22 mpg consumption at the most efficient 17.7 mph cruising speed.

Thanks to the elliptical center tube and lifting strakes, the Bennington actually gets up on plane. It leans modestly into a turn. Feel free to turn the wheel as hard over as you wish at cruising speed. The 2575 bleeds speed quickly and keeps everyone safely in their luxuriously upholstered seat. And of course, with three pontoons, sitting still beam-to the waves proved admirably stable.

At idle speed, the boat and engine run so quietly that it wouldn’t register on my decibel meter! You’ll find that running into a chop couldn’t be more comfortable — especially compared to a monohull. The tubes slice into the seas like they didn’t exist.

Loads of storage throughout the 2575 includes a belowdeck compartment on centerline in which I could literally take a nap. Also on centerline, in the bow, a removable seat affords access to the front gate and adds more seating to the “playpen.” An option that seems popular currently consists of  cushions that fill in the walking area of the playpen, converting it into a mammoth sun pad. Another nice feature is the moveable armrests with built-in cup holders. In fact, the 2575 boasts more drink holders than I could count quickly.

Rather than forcing someone into a tiny console to use a toilet or change into a bathing suit, the 2575 has a pop-up canvas enclosure for when you need the head, and then it just as easily collapses and hides away. With a passenger capacity of up to 15 adults, someone will surely want to use the facilities.

Bennington builds its boats with considerable attention to detail — even in those areas that you can’t readily see. All under-deck wiring runs inside waterproof conduit, and all connectors are the top-of-the-line Deutsch waterproof quick connects. Welds of rails and pipes join all four sides rather than the more common practice of welding just two. Each weld is then ground smooth and anodized after for optimal durability. Corner pieces are polished stainless steel rather than aluminum. Anti-vibration strips mount between the deck and cross members, the rails and the sidin,g and anywhere else where two adjoining surfaces in motion might make noise. All in all, the 2575 QCWA qualifies as one of the toughest pontoon boats on the market.

Styling also got a significant update, with precious few straight lines and sharp corners. Rather, this pontoon boat provides a study in radius curves and futuristic profile. It couldn’t have traveled farther from the traditional box-styling of many of its contemporaries.

Bennington did a stunning job of mood lighting. The arch has LEDs. Lights just under the rails shine down into the water, and so do underwater lights on the transom. Even the most hardcore fisherman or muscle boat aficionado will enjoy the lifestyle this Bennington 2575 can provide.

Bennington 2575 QCWA

Length Overall: 27 feet, 6 inches  

Beam: 8 feet, 6 inches

Dry Weight: 3,298 pounds

Fuel Capacity: 51 gallons

Max Power: 350 horsepower

Base Price: TBD

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