March 2014 – Quimby's Cruising Guide
NOAA Predicts Moderate Spring Flood Potential in Midwest

According to NOAA’s Spring Outlook, rivers in half of the continental United States are at minor or moderate risk of exceeding flood levels this spring, with the highest threat in the southern Great Lakes region due to above-average snowpack and a deep layer of frozen ground. The continuation of winter weather, above-average […] Read More

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The Complete Listing of Marinas and Locks on the Inland and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways

Spirit of Peoria & Hakuna Matata Offer Themed River Cruises

Live in the moment with a flair of yesteryear as you cruise on one of the few remaining paddlewheel boats on the Mississippi River or enjoy the river breeze on the Hakuna Matata excursion boat. The Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau (ARCVB) is partnering with the Spirit of Peoria and Grafton […] Read More

New Boating Simulator Launched

Boating is fun. Training should be as well. It’s this idea that led to the new Boating Safety Virtual Simulator launched at the U.S. Power Squadrons (USPS) 2014 annual meeting in March in Jacksonville, Fla. Billed as the boating industry’s first safety simulator, the computer-based tool allows individuals to practice exercises such […] Read More

Dr. Shrink Offers Shrink Wrap Recycling Program

As vessels are uncovered for spring, boat owners need a convenient way to get rid of the used shrink wrap covers. Dr. Shrink’s 2014 Recycling Run is an environmentally responsible option. For the fifth year, the company is working with Bay Area Recycling to pick up and recycle used shrink wrap. Residents of Illinois, […] Read More

Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental

For many of us, there’s nothing finer than the joys of exploring new and familiar places by boat, but in the years following the recession, even the most passionate cruisers have had to reluctantly admit that the boat payments, storage fees and maintenance costs are pushing dreams of boat ownership up on the rocks. […] Read More

Spring Launch Checklist

The snow has melted off the boat cover. The weather is no longer icy. Once again, it is time for spring commissioning. This should be an exciting moment, not a daunting one, and Heartland Boating is here to help with the following tips. How easily spring commissioning goes is in part a […] Read More

Fairline Boats Comes to Tennessee

Fairline Boats has announced the appointment of a used authorized dealer in Tennessee. Aquaknox Marine Sales, trading as Fairline Tennessee, will operate from its offices at Shanghai Resort Marina in Lake Norris, located close to the Tennessee River. This appointment is part of Fairline’s continued commitment to building its worldwide dealer network in 2014. […] Read More

2024 Quimby's Cruising Guide

The Complete Listing of Marinas and Locks on the Inland and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways

Review: Bennington 2575 QCWA

The 2575 part of the model designation needs no explanation. But the QCWA left me stumped. Turns out the Q denotes the top of Bennington’s four model lines. The CW stands for center walkthrough at the transom, and the A means it has an arch for wakeboarding and mounting mammoth stereo speakers. To give […] Read More