ValvTect and Century Team Up to Prevent Ethanol Problems | Quimby's Cruising Guide

ValvTect Petroleum is proud to announce that Century Boats will include a sample of ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment with each new boat to help its new boat owners avoid problems that can be caused by ethanol blended gasoline.

“Although we build our boats to the industry’s most stringent specifications, ethanol gasoline can destabilize very quickly and cause corrosion and some problems to the fuel delivery systems and engine components that can be prevented by a fuel additive such as ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment,” stated Bryan Lucius, president of Century Boats. “By providing samples of ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment with each boat, we are helping our customers prevent ethanol related problems and better enjoy their boating experience.”

“We are proud to have Century Boats on board with us to help educate boaters about the problems and the solution for ethanol gasoline problems.” said Jerry Nessenson, president of ValvTect Petroleum Products.

Century Boats, located in Zephyrhills, Fla., is a builder of saltwater luxury fishing boats. The company has a rich, storied past of providing innovative product into the marine industry. For more information on Century Boats, please visit the website

ValvTect Petroleum Products manufactures marine fuel additives that are specially formulated for marine engines and operating conditions. The ValvTect brand has become the leading brand of fuel and fuel additives in the marine industry. For information about ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment contact ValvTect Petroleum at 1-800-728-8258, e-mail or visit