Mercury Promotes Boating and Fishing for Kids | Quimby's Cruising Guide

Mercury Marine has partnered with Bill Dance, host of Bill Dance Outdoors, and Fox Sports Outdoors host Barry Stokes to create videos that promote the value of getting kids to experience life on the water.

“I’ve never seen a child who didn’t like to fish, and I’ve never seen one that didn’t enjoy it twice as much when it was done from a boat,” said Dance. “It was sure that way for me when I was a child.”

According to new statistics released by the NMMA, fishing is the number one boating activity, followed by tubing and waterskiing.

Both Dance and Stokes have released videos promoting the boating and fishing lifestyle for kids. The videos can be viewed on the Mercury Marine YouTube page at

Additional information on how to make fishing and boating fun for kids can be found on the Take Me Fishing website,