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Marquis-Larson Shows Sizable Sales Growth

Third quarter numbers from Statistical Surveys, Inc., show sizable sales growth for the Marquis-Larson Group and indicate that the brands are taking share in the market segments they compete.

Specifically, the Group realized growth in units and share in the highly competitive fiberglass outboard fish segment, outpacing the industry growth, and has almost doubled unit sales in the past two years.

The pontoon segment, which is new to the Larson family of brands, continues to grow, as well as in boats 30-feet plus with Marquis and Carver Yachts. Carver sales showed a dramatic increase in 2014. Marquis continues to outpace the yacht segment (43-percent growth over the last three years) and posted consecutive market share gains.

“We are incredibly proud of the strides we have made in both Little Falls and Pulaski with our sales and market share growth for the third quarter 2014 on a rolling 12-month look,” said Marquis-Larson Group President and CEO, Rob Parmentier. “Two key parts to our assertive strategic plan, a focused product and dealer plan, are beginning to be realized in the SSI market share data.”

“It is exciting to feel and see the changes, enhancements and improvements that have been made this past year at my dealership through the product, service and sheer number of potential owners coming to visit my store,” said longtime Larson dealer Dick Peifer of Boomerang Marine & Powersports in Alexandria and Melrose, Minn.

Longtime Marquis and Carver dealer serving the Great Lakes region, Mike Pretasky Jr. of Skipper Bud’s, echoed Peifer’s comments by adding, “There is a renewed focus on dealers, product and customers in Pulaski, and I find it incredibly refreshing. These basic business principles are being realized at retail and I am excited to see what is next.”

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