Friends of Pool 2 Supports Scheduled Lock Times for Recreational Boaters | Quimby's Cruising Guide

In a recent statement, Friends of Pool 2 (FOP2) said it supports scheduled lock times for recreational boaters as a way to combat the migration of Asian Carp.

“Invasive Asian Carp pose a potential threat to the quality of the recreational river experience in Pool 2, and they are migrating upriver at an alarming pace,” said the statement. “While we realize it may not be reasonable or possible to stop the migration completely, movement of carp must be slowed to allow scientific researchers time to develop new and effective weapons to combat the invaders.”

FOP2 has been and continues to investigate all methods of controlling the species and believes that reducing lock usage will reduce migration opportunities. For this reason, it supports the concept of convenient, regularly scheduled lock times for recreational boat traffic.

“Regularly scheduled lock times will reduce the total number of times the locks are opened, while making it easier for boaters to plan their visits to other pools.”

FOP2 plans to advocate this scheduling concept with the Army Corps of Engineers, federal and state regulatory agencies, and other non-governmental groups operating within Pool 2.

FOP2 claims that recreational boaters generally favor the idea of having set times to use the locks, rather than taking a chance on irregular commercial traffic schedules.