Bryant Boats Adds 19 New Dealers in 2014 | Quimby's Cruising Guide

Longtime luxury runabout builder Bryant Boats of Sweetwater, Tenn., has added new dealers in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, eastern and western Canada, Tennessee, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, Maine, Oklahoma, New Jersey and Michigan during the 2014 calendar year.

“Though the sterndrive segment is struggling, we are seeing a warm reception to the innovative product designs and strategies that we have put in place,” said Jeff White, vice president of sales.

Most notably, Bryant has launched three new Peter Granata designed luxury runabouts, developed the patented SportPorch system and introduced the first ever surfable sterndrive.

“Sterndrive dealers are hungry for a fresh approach to re-invigorate the market,” White added.

In late 2012, majority ownership of Bryant was acquired by longtime MasterCraft CEO John Dorton. Since joining the company, Dorton has assembled a team of past associates, along with fresh new talent.

“The sterndrive market remains more challenged than I anticipated, but the underlying demand for this type of boat is still out there,” said Dorton. “Our innovative seating layouts and new level of athletic performance is re-engaging the sterndrive buyer. There are a lot of dealers and industry stakeholders joining us on this important mission, and we’re excited to be in the trenches with them.”