The Pontoon Of The Future? | Quimby's Cruising Guide

Similar to the evolution of the multi-purpose vehicles that seem to be a cross between an SUV and a minivan, Sea-Doo is looking to have the same juxtaposition between a personal watercraft and a traditional pontoon boat. The all new 2022 Sea-Doo Switch promises just that. With a tri-hull and jet power, the maneuverability and agility of a PWC is maintained, all while making enough deck space for the entire family to come aboard.

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According to the Sea-Doo website, there will be three different sizes: compact, 18ft, and 21ft. Each model comes with handlebar steering and a stationary helm. The deck, however, has modular components where the seats can be arranged into what seems to be infinite configurations — depending on the type of outing and number of people aboard.

At an affordable $17,999 to start out — trailer included — this could very well be the next mainstream boat to hit driveways and marinas across the nation.

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