Emergency Putty Stick


Epoxy Putty Stick

Makes permanent and emergency repairs on fiberglass, wood, metal and plastic.

Features: Easy to use; just hand knead until color turns white and apply to damaged area. Can be sanded, drilled and tapped.



Portable Fuel


Flo n’ Go DuraMax Portable Fuel Container

Features: Made from high-density polyethylene, the DuraMax fuel container is resistant to corrosion and denting. Its sturdy six-inch wheels and extra-deep handle make it easy to deliver fuel dockside when refueling boats or powered watercraft. It is also useful to have on board for easy refueling during longer, thru-boating trips.



Solar Powered Lights


Solar Marine Lights

The most practical and cost-effective solution for safely marking channels, breakwaters or boating hazards in any marine application. To achieve a lighting effect, the Solar Marine Light can be switched between flashing or steady mode with a simple switch and makes for an excellent safety light in anchor only transient zones.

Features: It has universal applications such as on the boathouse, safety lighting, channel markers, buoys, obstruction lighting, or mooring lights. Solar Marine Light can also be turned off by simply inserting the provided magnet in the light base.


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