Green Turtle Bay Set To Host 2021 True Course Captain’s School | Quimby's Cruising Guide

During the month of April, Green Turtle Bay in Grand Rivers, Ky. is set to host the 14th annual series of Captain’s Courses. All courses are U.S.C.G. approved without a test required at the Coast Guard. Topics cover advanced education, enhanced boating skills, current regulations and confidence at the helm. These courses include pleasure craft all the way up to a master class for vessels carrying more than 6 passengers that are U.S.C.G. inspected vessels. Additionally, if you are looking for a simple renewal, the course includes a 5 year License Renewal Class.

Full Schedule Below, register here: 

  • April 17 – 24, OUPV (56 Hour Course)
  • April 24, OUPV Test
  • Renewal of License (online course only with test), call to register
  • April 29, Tow Endorsement (online course only with test)
  • April 29, Sail Endorsement (4 hour course with test)
  • April 26 -28, Upgrade to Master (online course with test)
  • April 30, all online exams administered

For more information, e-mail