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Cruising & Cooking over The Holidays

Updated 11/24/2021

Plan on cruising over the Holidays?  Being aboard your boat over Thanksgiving and Christmas can be quite the experience.  And, sure, it can be easy to dock for those two holidays and escape to the comfort of a nearby restaurant to celebrate; however, cooking and entertaining aboard is enjoyable and something that your guests will never forget.  Below are 4 on board products to help you prep, cook and serve with aplomb.


Hesitant about cooking a turkey on your boat?  Think again with the Force 10 Electric Range. The ceramic glass top not only acts as a heating source but when cool can supplement your counter space for preparing smaller dishes.  The 2, 3 and 4 burner options allow for you to customize your space, as needed, and the oven space is more than enough to squeeze in a small to mid-sized turkey.

Supplemental Stove Top

In addition to stove options on top of the electric range, extend your cooking platform with a built in stove top.  The latest from Kenyon provides a compact design with a industry first silicon cover to hold pots in place. This, in conjunction with the electric range above, allows for up to 6 different burners and rivals the amount of heating space of any standard house kitchen.


Quite possibly the most frustrating appliance in your galley. Marine refrigerators have always been tight on space.  Luckily, with the ISOTHERM CR-195, that space opens up through a taller, narrower model.  This allows for some increased space in the freezer to avoid having to shop as frequently between towns. And, if you pack it right, there may be just enough space for that Turkey to make the trip.

Wine Cellar

Boating and drinking tend to be closely aligned (although, we are big supporters of avoiding maneuvering your cruiser under the influence). Once you have found a nice anchorage spot, prepped the meal and dined with friends, there is no better way to cap off the evening with a nice bottle of wine on the deck. There are many different types of wine cellars out there. The main draw of the ISOTHERM DIVINO 23 is the wider, space saving design that allows for it to easily sit on the counter top without sacrificing storage.


Running power to all these devices on your boat can certainly be a drain on your battery/generator. To assist with that — and still get a morning dose of pressed caffeine after an evening of wining and dining — check out a Nanopresso by Wacaco. A unique hand pump on the side of the press allows for up to 261 PSI, rivaling and even surpassing most home espresso machines. And, at an affordable price point of just $79, you can pickup one for each of your guests on board.


A standard boat galley will be able to utilize similar cookware found in many residential homes.  The key, however, is to make sure that any onboard kitchen supplies are designated as “marine grade” in performance and upkeep. The 7 – 10 piece cookware set by Magma Products does the trick — all the while taking up only a 1/2 cubic foot of storage space. The price tag can be a bit hefty, ranging between $350 – $500 — but what you loose from you pocket book, you gain in quality and longevity.

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