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‘Airbnb Of Boats’ Unveils US Site

According to a news release out of their U.K. office, Borrow A Boat, Britain’s leading boat rental marketplace, has officially launched in the US with a dedicated website www.borrowaboat.com/en-US.

Known as the ‘Airbnb of boats’, Borrow A Boat has pioneered peer-to-peer boat charter since starting in the UK in 2017, and the new US site marks a key milestone in the company’s 2021 global expansion plans.

The boat rental market in the US is projected to surpass a valuation of U$19.7bn by 2030 as interest in leisure boating continues to increase. Borrow A Boat’s US launch means that even more Americans can enjoy domestic boating holidays, plus foreign visitors to the US can enjoy a unique experience on the water once Covid travel restrictions are lifted.

Founded in 2017 by UK entrepreneur, Matt Ovenden, Borrow A Boat has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception and currently has access to over 35,000 vessels in 65+ countries.

Matt Ovenden, CEO and founder of Borrow A Boat said: “Our expansion into the US is a key milestone in the growth of the business and brand. The US is one of the world’s biggest boating markets but remains largely untapped in terms of peer-to-peer charter.

“Not only does the US boast fantastic coastlines, but it also has some of the most picturesque lakes in the world and a wide variety of different waterways to suit all boating needs.

“Marine tourism is expected to fuel demand for boat rentals which provide an easy and convenient way to use a boat without the expense of owning it outright. Borrow A Boat offers boats as customers require, at competitive prices, with or without crew or a skipper, along with additional facilities such as hot tubs or jet skis.”

The US site has access to over 35,000 vessels, with more boats being added each week. Borrow A Boat has boats in popular sailing regions such as New York, Chesapeake Bay, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, plus numerous well-known lakes across the country.

Customers can choose from a variety of vessels, including sailboats, motorboats, riverboats, RIBs, catamarans, gulets, luxury yachts and superyachts. Thanks to peer-to-peer lending and the wide variety of boats available, customers can be reassured they are receiving the best selection at the most competitive prices. Prices for day boats start from $60 per day and sailing yachts from $150 per day.

Ovenden continues: “As the US domestic travel market continues to grow, and with the promising news of US-UK travel routes reopening, Borrow A Boat is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of customers from both sides of the Pond. The US launch is further evidence of our ethos: to make boating more accessible, affordable, flexible, and inclusive for all, and to get more people to experience the positive benefits from being on the water.”

For more information on Borrow A Boat US, visit www.borrowaboat.com/en-US.

Source: Rooster PR

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