August 2014 – Quimby's Cruising Guide
The Ghost Ship

Roughly 25 miles downstream from Cincinnati, the Ohio River diverts into a creek on the southern shore and up against a ship that appears to have docked for the last time. It’s a vessel that served in two World Wars, carried one of the world’s greatest minds and shuttled tourists around our country’s largest […] Read More

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The Complete Listing of Marinas and Locks on the Inland and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways

Profile: Narrows Marina

Nestled in the rolling hills of south-central Kentucky lies Barren River Lake, a 10,000-acre playground that’s home to an array of aquatic species and an amazing collection of wildlife. It’s a haven for boating aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts that beckons with excellent fishing, skiing, canoeing, horseback riding and hiking adventures — even priceless relaxing […] Read More

Lovin' the Loop, Part 6

It’s 4 a.m. when we wake to a nightmarish sound of grinding metal and straining diesel engines. Suddenly, we’re blinded by a powerful searchlight. Anchored 200 yards off the mighty Mississippi, we’re tucked into the mouth of Little River Diversion Channel, 130 miles south of St. Louis. The huge towboat pushing a long, wide […] Read More

Colorful Days, Cool Nights

I know words like majestic, splendid and stunning can read larger-than-life. But when it comes to describing one of Kentucky’s most impressive lakeside venues, those words can’t begin to paint an accurate portrait of Lake Cumberland. If you haven’t experienced the material or natural amenities of what’s been described as “a boating and fishing […] Read More

The Cruising Life

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about dropping out and shoving off in a vessel custom-made for long-distance luxury? Take inspiration from these eight new yachts and you, too, can join the from-idle-dreamers-to-happy-cruisers club. Prestige 450 Following in the wake of the popular Prestige 500, the 450 is billed as a true “live-aboard […] Read More

Review: Cobalt A40

Cobalt has spent the past five decades focused on building the best boats possible. The A40 is the result of all that passion for design, starting with a new hull that offers precision handling whether speeding over a chip or in a tight turn and tops out around 50 mph courtesy of the reverse chines […] Read More

Bayliner 642 Overnighter

What ever happened to the cuddy cabin? Time was, it seemed like every boat builder had at least one of these versatile, sporty, family friendly overnighters in its lineup. Now, you’re just as likely to find a giant bowrider with a sleeper compartment or a fishing boat with a berth tucked inside the […] Read More

2024 Quimby's Cruising Guide

The Complete Listing of Marinas and Locks on the Inland and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways

Coast Guard Shares Safety Tips, Establishes Ohio River Safety Zones for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of the boating season and is known as one of the busiest recreational boating weekends on the Ohio River. With approximately 2,000 boaters taking to the water, the increased recreational traffic presents additional safety hazards. Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Cincinnati would like boaters to know special rules […] Read More