Historic River Town Opens New SkyTour | Quimby's Cruising Guide

The city of Grafton, Illinois is continuing to expand upon its all-inclusive nature with a new SkyTour just minutes from the river. Launched in late October, the new cable lift starts at the town center near Mainstreet and climbs 300ft above the river bluffs for one of the best views of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers Confluence. Grafton is always finding additional ways to generate tourism to its bucolic setting and has become one of the most unique stops on the inland waterways for local and transient boaters – with shopping, dining, ziplining and a winery all within walking distance of each other. Transient boaters can also take advantage of the numerous marina amenities at Grafton Harbor, including complimentary pool access with any overnight slip, concierge services and wine tastings in the ship store.

According to the Grafton SkyTour LLC, the company that runs the lift, the shuttle system will serve more than just as a tourist attraction to the top of the bluffs but also as a transportation network linking the cable lift between different businesses and a bus system in town to ease traffic congestion. Local visitors can also purchase a season pass for as little as $29/person.