Walk the Mississippi River | Quimby's Cruising Guide

This week provides a rare opportunity for folks to walk the bottom of the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. The Army Corps of Engineers has lowered the water level near the falls to do routine inspections of the infrastructure below the surface. This brings the bottom of the river to the surface for a short time — allowing for people to hop across the rocks of the surface and take in a unique view of the surrounding historical structures.

According to the local district, this area will be open to the public to view during the river drop — about 12 feet lower than the standard level. And, for those that are wary of making a steep climb down into the riverbed — just below a lock holding back water that usually flows at over 200,000 cubic feet per second —  the event is visible from Main street.

The event provides a unique perspective of the Stone Arch Bridge — completed in 1883 and the only bridge made of stone on the entire Mississippi River. Once a strategic rail bridge, it now serves as a pedestrian and bicycle path across the waterway.

Historic Stone Arch Bridge. Minneapolis, Minn.