New Dinghy Lift for Outboard Powered Boats | Quimby's Cruising Guide

Outboard engines are very popular today as they provide smooth and reliable performance and high top speeds. Cruising with outboards has become commonplace but the placement of the engines can make it difficult to stow a dinghy. According to a news release from Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats, many models are now available with outboards and their owners want to be able to carry a tender.

The all new Patent Pending Dinghy Lift provides the solution boaters are looking for. The dinghy lift is now in production and currently available on the Ranger Tugs R-27 and Cutwater C-32. Made from powder coated anodized aluminum and fitted with Weaver Snap Davit heads the Dinghy lift allows boaters to attach and board their RIB or other tender while anchored or in the slip. The dinghy is then folded up to the aluminum frame and the entire hinged mechanism raises up clear of the outboard. The dinghy is stowed inverted above the Outboard when running, keeping it out of the way and safe. In the slip the Outboard can be raised to clear the prop from the water all while the dinghy is stowed. A convenient cockpit mounted winch operates the Dinghy Lift mechanism.

The Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats design and engineering teams are led by industry veteran, Dave Livingston. Dave is no stranger to bringing innovative new recreational boating products to market. Over the past 50 years, Dave has held patents on numerous products and features that have all served to make our sport and industry safer, easier, or just more fun.

The new dinghy lift from Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats is another industry first that is already changing the way that people are shopping for new boats. For many boaters, a RIB inflatable dinghy is a necessity. Until now many cruisers found themselves eliminating outboard-powered boats from their list of boats to consider. Now they can enjoy the classic comfort of cruising with a RIB dinghy without sacrificing all the exciting benefits that modern outboard-powered boats have to offer.

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