Illinois River Open for Transient Boating | Quimby's Cruising Guide

After Summer and Fall closures by the US Army Corps of Engineers to make much needed repairs on locks and dams on the Illinois Waterway, the river that connects Lake Michigan with the Mississippi River is now open to transient boating and commerce.

To avoid a long term pause for commercial transportation on the waterway, the Army Corps of Engineers decided to consolidate 8 different repair and infrastructure projects — including the LaGrange, Peoria, Starved Rock, Marseilles, Dresden Island & Rock Island lock and dam sites. Overall, the projects included installations of dewatering bulkheads, in order to replace concrete sills and gate anchorages — ahead of accepting new gates.










The next closure is not scheduled until 2023. For more information on procedures for locking through, please visit our resource here: Locking Through