2020 Photo Contest Finalists | Quimby's Cruising Guide
2020 has been a rough year all around — but one thing that remains constant is the solitude and beauty that the waterways provide. Take a look at our 2020 photo contest finalists. The winners will be announced next week and published in the 2021 Quimby’s Cruising Guide print edition.

Category: Nature/Wildlife/Scenery

Submissions (From top to bottom): 1) Eagle, Jeri Slaybaugh, Tennessee River. 2) Pelican Migration, Jeri Slaybaugh, Illinois River. 3) Sunset, Debbie Russell, Tenn-Tom Waterway. 4) Bird’s Nest, Debbie Russell, Shihloh Battlefield. 5) White Pelican, Jeri Slaybaugh, Tennessee River. 6) Fishing, Jeri Slaybaugh, Mobile Bay. 7) Spiderweb, Ray Macke, Cumberland River. 8) Sandpiper, Jeri Slaybaugh, Gulf Coast. 9) Lighthouse, Julie Johnson, Kentucky Lake. 

Category: People

Submissions (From top to bottom): 1) Hunters, Jeri Slaybaugh, Illinois River. 2) Morning Meeting, Jeri Slaybaugh, Tennessee River. 3) Chesapeake Bay & Mobile Bay, Jeri Slaybaugh. 4) Morning Fog Patrol, Lee Jetton, Cumberland River.

Category: Boats

Submissions (From top to bottom): 1) Cargo, Jeri Slaybaugh, South Carolina. 2) Vol Navy, Jeri Slaybaugh, Knoxville. 3) Paris Landing Marina, Lee Jetton, Tennessee River. 4) Bobby’s Fish Camp, Lee Jetton, Tenn-Tom Waterway. 5) Beach & Barge, Rich, Upper Mississippi River. 6) Anchorage, Debbie Russell, Tennessee River.